The main room features our 13’8” x 25” stage with an access ramp and our video games corner. We have several tables, chairs, couches and bean bags that are available for daily usage as well as supplementary seating for events.

Our arcade games room features functional equipment for pool, air hockey, ping pong, foosball, pinball, and virtual dancing. Equipment for these games is available for free rental to all Victoria University students.


Our lighting rig includes a wash of ETC Source Four PARNels, ETC Source Fours with various lens tubes, and RGB LED lights. These are controlled by an ETC SmartFade located in the booth across from the stage.

Sound equipment includes a Behringer X32 Compact, three Shure SM58 microphones, and a Yorkville AP4040 pushing 1200W to JBL PRX415M speakers.

Additionally, our complement of media equipment includes a Sony VPL series projector, a drop-down projector screen, a Bluray player, and an iMac with QLab and Isadora installed.





We have an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar with amp, an electric bass guitar with amp, a soprano ukulele, a drum kit, and a keyboard. All of these instruments come with the required power adapters, audio cables, and accessories for use.

If you would like to bring your own instruments and musical equipment for your event, we encourage you to specify when booking your event to ensure that we can properly facilitate the space and power requirements of your gear.